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What is Polyurethane ?

Polyurethane is a chemical material that occurs from the reaction of the components of polyol and isocyanate. They have high chemical and mechanical resistance and can be shaped easily. Polyurethane has two main components. Polyol (Polyether Polyol, Polyester Polyol) and Isocyanate (MDI, TDI or mixtures in different proportions). According to the usage areas, various polyurethane additives can be used next to these two main components.

For Whom We Produce ?

Polyurethane is a unique material that takes place in a variety of sectors and working areas. In almost every area of our lives we can see the polyurethane and / or derived products directly or indirectly. It is frequently used especially in the sectors of automotive industry, isolation, shoe industry, furniture. In addition its use in the medical sector is becoming increasingly common in recent years.

How We Produce ?

As Akuapol Polyurethane, we manufacture cold casting flexible foam from polyurethane. We need firstly technical drawing, 3D CAD file or a prototype/model of the desired product. Then, we produce an identical model of this desired product with the data taking from our customers. After the model is made, it is switched to the mold making process from this model.

Specifications Of Polyurethane

Density of Polyurethane: Density is defined as the amount of weight per unit volume and measured in terms of kg/m3. Density is one of the most important properties of the polyurethane and it affects the durability and the power of support. High density products maintain their original properties longer. If more polymer material is used, then the better the foam will be obtained.

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